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Watch Wily Mo Pena absolutely demolish a baseball while playing in Japan

Wily Mo Pena home runs are eternal. He proved that during Spring Training when, returning after a year away from the game, he managed to crush a dinger almost to the parking lot


Though the Indians didn't sign him at the end of the spring -- probably because of the old axiom "If you love someone, let them go" -- Pena soon signed with the Chiba Lotte Marines. And if you thought that the 35-year-old Pena couldn't return from a year away to bash homers, then you've clearly never seen an action movie. 

Because Pena has returned to chew gum and bash dingers and he ran out of gum 20 years ago. In just 55 games with the Marines, Pena has smashed 11 home runs. His best came a few days ago, while facing the Seibu Lions. After pitcher Yosuke Okamoto hung a breaking ball, Pena absolutely launched it. Some say the ball still hasn't landed.

Check it out below: 

I'm not sure what's more impressive: The distance of the blast or how Wily Mo seemingly deflated Okamoto: 


One day, human beings will have explored the farthest reaches of space and will have discovered everything there is to know. And one mystery will remain: Just how does Wily Mo Pena keep crushing homers?