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Water polo gold medalist celebrated in Anaheim

When a great voice like Doc Emrick is calling the action, you know you’ve made it big-time.

Such is the case for water polo, a sport in which the U.S. women went undefeated to win gold in London this summer. 20-year-old center Annika Dries, participating in her first Olympic games, played a key role for the team and was greeted accordingly with a standing ovation at Angel Stadium during Friday night’s game against the Rays.

“I was not expecting it, but just to hear the roar and look around and see the smiling faces, it really reminds me what it’s like to represent more than yourself,” Dries said.

Sporting her gold medal around her neck from her suite behind home plate, the Laguna Beach native used the night out with her friends as a chance to unwind.

“It’s been a whirlwind,” Dries said. “Coming back to the U.S. and getting welcomed by my family in New Jersey and in L.A. was so fun.”

-- Matthew Stein /

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