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Update: #RallyCat has been located and is safe and sound

For those of you who were worried, like us, regarding the whereabouts of Rally Cat, it appears the feline is safe and sound thanks to the St. Louis Feral Cat Outreach. And don't worry ... it's not feral.


On Wednesday night, a tiny kitten ran out on to the field during the Royals-Cardinals game during the bottom of the sixth. It greeted outfielder Lorenzo Cain before being escorted off the field. But not without a fight. Cards groundskeeper Lucas Hackman ran out to snag up the kitty, but it turns out … it bites.

Once the cat was away, Yadier Molina's bat would play. He belted a grand slam off Peter Moylan's offering to put the Cardinals ahead 8-5. St. Louis went on to win and it snagged the second-place spot in the NL Central.

#RallyCat escaped after the hiatus and now that it has been given a "clean bill of health," it will be quarantined for 10 days. That's what happens when you're a naughty kitty. But we can only imagine the list of people hoping to adopt the viral sensation.