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Webb School students receive an exclusive look inside Astros organization

Nine students from The Webb School of California received an exclusive look at the Houston Astros this week from alumnus and team general manager Jeff Luhnow (Class of 1984). 

"They wanted to make a special trip out here this summer, now that they have their very first alumni who is a general manager and see the club," Luhnow said. "It also turns out that the varsity baseball coach's cousin is Scott Moore's wife."

The students on the trip are members of the varsity baseball team, which just won its league title for the first time in 27 years. 

"We have prepared a really fun three days for them," Luhnow said. "They were at the game last night, they got to come to [batting practice] today, and Scott is going to go ahead and talk to them about life as a Major League baseball player. Tomorrow, we are bringing them up to the office and they are going to meet a couple of people from the front office, so they are getting the full experience of Astros baseball. Hopefully, they will all be motivated to continue their studies, and maybe those who can, continue their baseball careers."

Following BP, the young ballplayers spoke to Moore, who told them, "More than talent, you have got to believe in yourself and know you are good. Talent is such a small part of it.

"Being a good teammate is huge, pulling for your guys. When I was younger, it never made sense to me when one guy was jealous of another guy in high school, because the better that my teammates do gives opportunities for me to do better as well. The more my teammates are on base, the more opportunities I have to drive them in."

While varsity baseball coach Jeff Stodgel may be a little biased when it comes to Moore, he was excited to have his players listen to him. 

"He's kind of a journeyman," Stodgel said. "He has really been that example for kids who think that if you work hard, and you keep working and driving and moving forward, then you are going to get the opportunity to live out the dream of playing in the big leagues some day."

--Rachel Frey

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