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Welcome to The Grill: Steve Bartman's World Series ring is the start of a slippery slope

Welcome to The Grill, Cespedes Family BBQ's very own test kitchen, where the only things on the menu are sizzling hot baseball takes. If you're looking for the lukewarm takes traditionally served elsewhere, you've come to the wrong place. Here at The Grill, we serve our takes so blazing you should have to sign a waiver. Check out our first episode on why the Angels need to release Mike Trout. 

Last month,the Chicago Cubs announced that they would be gifting a 2016 World Series ring to Steve Bartman, the fan at the center of the most infamous non-catch in baseball history. Gifting a championship ring to the man many have unfairly blamed as part of the 108-year World Series drought is undeniably a classy gesture by the organization. But we here at The Grill are skeptical that Mr. Bartman deserves such an honor.

It's a slippery slope, folks. If Steve Bartman gets a ring, who's next? Check out the clip above to hear about our concerns about what this might mean for the future of World Series rings.