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Well, of course Jim Leyland was the man back in high school

Jim Leyland has impersonators, and he admires Paul Newman -- who played the coolest cat around in Cool Hand Luke. So, obviously the Tigers skipper was the most popular kid back in high school.

On Wednesday, Leyland answered a few questions about his recent 50-year high school reunion, specifically about some of his female classmates: 

"I don't see quite as good as I used to," the three-time Manager of the Year said. "But they looked pretty good to me. Margaret Bayer looked fantastic. She lives in Hawaii and her husband's a great guy. She looked really good."

Props to Margaret, but what about the skipper himself?

"I was kind of wondering, when I drove back to Pittsburgh I was saying to myself, "I wonder how the girls thought ol' Jimbo looked," Leyland said. "I was never the Prom King, but I was the most popular boy. I could bring out my yearbook for you if you don't believe me, but I didn't bring it with me."

That's OK, Mr. Leyland. Courtesy of your son Patrick's Twitter account, we have all the evidence we need:


And here he is voted "Most Popular."

Thank you SO much, Patrick.

-- Matt Monagan /

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