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Westeros is coming to Durham: Bulls to wear 'Game of Thrones' jerseys

Thought that there couldn't be any more pop culture-themed Minor League jerseys? Don't be ridiculous. We are fast approaching the day when every Minor League jersey is based on some movie, TV show or Internet meme.

Look, here's a chart I made that uses no actual data whatsoever. 

MiLB jerseys

No one will be complaining about them as long as teams remain as inventive in their promotions as the Durham Bulls, though. Because on April 23, the team is traveling to the fictional Westeros and becoming the "Bulls of House Durham." (Don't worry: No accidental spoilers ahead as I've only watched the first season.) 

In addition to the shirt sporting the house motto of "Hitteth Bull Winneth Steak"

The team has designed the uniform so that it's what a modern-day, real-life "Game of Thrones" character would wear. Which means fewer flowing tunics, I guess: 

While the evening at the ballpark will surely be plenty of fun for fans of the show, we can only hope that no one decides to get married at the park that night. After all, I've heard that weddings don't go over very well in the Seven Kingdoms.  

(h/t Big League Stew