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What was everyone wearing? A semi-scientific investigation of All-Star fan apparel at Citi Field

Which players and teams were best represented in the stands during Tuesday's All-Star Game? Let's break it down with a hastily-assembled-yet-still-kinda-informative chart:


A few caveats: This is more a just-for-fun experiment than actual science, as a statistically significant sample for the announced All-Star crowd (a Citi-record 45,186) would require several thousand fans. I surveyed 100.

The selection also wasn't entirely random -- I just recorded gear worn by those hundred fans as they ascended the escalator near Section 338 during the fourth and fifth innings. Apparel could vary widely by ballpark area.

But still. WHAT IF THE NUMBERS WERE REAL? Extrapolating, that would mean ...

  • 17,623 people in the building wearing some kind of Mets gear, and about 3,614 repping each of David Wright and Matt Harvey.
  • 9,491 fans supporting other teams, with the Yankees accounting for 4,067 of those.
  • 1,807 in freshly purchased 2013 All-Star Game regalia -- the "just happy to be here" crowd.
  • And 16,267 dorks wearing plain old non-baseball clothes.

-- Ian Kay / 

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