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When professional sports players talk, they talk about what other sports they'd like to play

Kansas alum and Oklahoma City Thunder power forward Nick Collison was on hand with his daughter and one of his coaches to take in Saturday's Royals-
White Sox game. Collison grew up in Iowa, took trips to watch the Royals as a kid and was in the area, so a stop at Kauffman Stadium was on his agenda.

Jeff Francoeur joined him for some conversation during batting practice. The topic? Which sport they believe would be the best and/or easiest to play. Collison said baseball has to be the toughest and could not see having maybe 18 days off throughout such a long season, noting basketball is pretty great with their schedule, offseason and playing indoors.

The pair discussed how football could possibly be the best because you only play once a week and have a substantial offseason. That was quickly squashed, however, as both Francoeur and Collison agreed that getting to the field at 7 a.m. would not be something they want to do -- not to mention the frigid cold and inclement weather. Ultimately they settled on golf, a sport in which you can play a tournament, make really good money even if you do not place very high and then take however much time off between tournaments you want.

So when two pro athletes meet, this is how they banter. Deep stuff.

-- Eric Harmon / Real-Time Correspondent

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