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While discussing ALCS, Buck Showalter admits he wants to kiss his sister. We think.

Down 2-0, Showalter says he wants to kiss his sister

After tying for the second-best record in the Majors this season, the Orioles have found themselves trailing the unbeatable Royals two games to none in the ALCS. Even stranger, the Orioles have yet to hold a single lead. When asked if he was surprised, Orioles manager Buck Showalter said: 

"Not at all. Not really. We've had a tie. I would like to kiss my sister, but she's not here right now, one of the three."

Okay, maybe Buck comes from a really affectionate family, though I still don't see what this has to do with postseason baseball. Which is a subject Buck knows plenty about.

Earlier in the press conference, the O's skipper answered the question as to how difficult it will be to come back from a two game deficit by outlining the very rules which govern best-of-seven play:

"...You've got to win four games. You've got to keep from losing more than three. And that's obviously oversimplifying it."

Yep, that's how the postseason works. Thanks, Buck.