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The White Sox ballboy made these fans battle it out with rock, paper, scissors for the foul ball

How does the ballperson decide who is worthy of a foul ball? Is it who yells the loudest? Asks the nicest? Is it a random decision made in the spur of the moment? 

During Saturday's Athletics-White Sox game, Chicago's ballboy decided to turn it into the most brutal combat: possible: Rock, paper, scissors. 

The two fans, Connor O'Sullivan and Jacob Sandowski, both age 12, battled valiantly, but in the end, only one could win. 

Though Connor emerged victorious this time around, don't feel too bad for Jacob. He got another ball later in the inning. 


Whether this will start a spree of Roman Coliseum-esque battles for baseballs with thumb wars or odds and evens only time will tell. 

Additional reporting by Darren Georgia / Real-Time Correspondent