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May the Force (and the White Sox) be with you on Star Wars Day

When Darth Vader held out his hand to greet White Sox ace Chris Sale following Saturday's First Pitch, he took a raspy, deep breath and leaned into Sale.

"It is your destiny," he whispered.

It's almost symbolic that the White Sox and their ace sport black, white and silver in a city split between squads on the North Side and South Side. Regardless, on Saturday the White Sox used the Force for Good to benefit Stand Up to Cancer.


The Star Wars-themed game against the Braves included in-game entertainment and Star Wars characters. After a pregame parade, the Force scoured the concourse in search of Star Wars-inspired ballpark grub and for photos with fans.

According to a Shadowtrooper, a Dark Jedi soldier, you have to have your blackened chicken, dark beer and olives - typical for the Dark Side. Luckily for the Shadowtrooper, the Tex Mex nachos stand at The Cell welcomes the Dark Side. Pile on those olives!