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Thanks to a kind fellow fan, a White Sox fan wound up with a foul ball that had bounced off his arm

It's exceptionally hard to go home with a game-used baseball. After all, only a few select fans in the stadium on a given night wind up with a baseball, despite everybody heading to the game hoping to be chosen by the baseball gods.

Those close run-ins with foul balls that somehow elude our grasp, then, are especially frustrating. This happened to a fan at Guaranteed Rate Field in Friday's Twins-White Sox game, but his story had a happy ending.

Twins slugger Miguel Sano slapped a liner into the stands in the sixth inning, where the ball ricocheted off a man's arm -- despite his best efforts. And, as seen in the clip atop this post, that fan wound up with the baseball anyway, thanks to the charitable nature of whoever it was that wound up with the ball after its redirection:


Hope you took notes. That's how you do the right thing at the ballpark.