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Prepare yourselves: The White Sox collared throwbacks are here, and they are breathtaking

White Sox wear 1976 throwback unis featuring collar

Last week, we brought word of an earth-shattering uniform development -- the White Sox were planning on dusting off their 1976 unis, otherwise known as "The ones with collared shirts and shorts." And so we waited, holding our breaths, desperate to know if the rumor was true.

Lo, the fateful day finally arrived on Thursday. Gaze upon it and be amazed:

But the fashion madness was hardly relegated to the players on the field. No, the White Sox abide by that most sacred rule: Never go half-throwback. Not even the mascot was safe:

Et tu, Hawk?

As for the Sox, they seemed to enjoy the change. 

"I like 'em; business casual," manager Robin Ventura told's John Jackson. "Hopefully, we can channel a little South Side Hitman and score some runs."

Maybe there's something to these unis after all, because they seem to have transformed Melky Cabrera from human being to arm-cannon cyborg:

Cabrera throw

Sadly, the shorts were not included. 

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