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Who exactly is @JoeyVotto? Cut4 investigates

Many celebrities -- especially relative newcomers and stars with common names -- missed out on the chance to claim their names as their Twitter handles. Professional baseball players are no exception. In this regular feature, we explore the Lost Twitters of Major League Baseball.

The impostor: @JoeyVotto, who is not the 2010 NL MVP.

Joey Votto is one of an increasingly rare breed of players who don't use Twitter, and this has only encouraged his impersonators. For instance, take @Real_Joey_Votto, who's less convincing than his handle might lead you to believe:

But no pretender is as profilic, amusing or disconcerting as the gold standard, @JoeyVotto.

As opposed to @Real_Joey_Votto, this Twitter user isn't out to convince anyone that he's the player himself. And unlike @miketrout (the last Lost Twitter we profiled), @JoeyVotto became active long after Votto's 2007 debut. This isn't a same-name coincidence; he's simply a fan of Cincinnati baseball. And, considering he lists his name as Peter Griffin, a fan of Family Guy, too.

Despite his nom de tweet, Peter "Joey Votto" Griffin (or is it Joey "Peter Griffin" Votto?) has had surprisingly little to say about sports. Instead, his favorite conversation topics include flatulence ...

The TV listings...

And the fairer sex.

As you may have noticed, @JoeyVotto tweeted almost exclusively -- 59 of 65 total tweets -- on April 19, 2009. His Twitter is a Ulysses-esque, stream-of-consciousness chronicle of some dude's day, captured in real-time.

It's obvious that nothing of importance was happening in his own life, so why start tweeting then? What was going through P.J.V.G. (or J.P.G.V.'s mind) -- and what had the real Joey Votto been up to -- back in spring 2009?

Our intrepid tweeter actually posted his first update ("I am typing") at 2:09 a.m. EST, so wherever he's located on the continental US, he presumably would've been inspired to create the @JoeyVotto account by the events of the previous day, the 18th. It just so happens that @JoeyVotto had good reason take notice of Joey Votto then: the Reds veteran enjoyed a six-game hitting streak from April 12-18.

Case closed.

-- Molly Fitzpatrick /