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Who exactly is @MannyM, and why is @AROD following him? Cut4 investigates

Many celebrities -- especially relative newcomers and stars with common names -- missed out on the chance to claim their names as their Twitter handles. Professional baseball players are no exception. In this regular feature, we explore the Lost Twitters of Major League Baseball. Previously: @ChipperJones, @JoeyVotto and @MikeTrout.

The red herring: @MannyM, who is not the Orioles third baseman.

First, the bad news. The Manny Machado we know and love isn't on Twitter.

The good news? Alex Rodriguez doesn't know that.

A-Rod, who will begin a rehab assignment with the Charleston Riverdogs on Tuesday, joined Twitter on May 31. To date, the Yankees third baseman follows only 41 tweeters. They're a largely predictable blend of superstars: a smattering of teammates, prominent athletes from other sports, rappers and pop stars.

It makes sense that Rodriguez would follow Manny Machado, a fellow Miami native, who's on pace to shatter the MLB's single-season doubles record. It makes less sense that Rodriguez would follow an interior designer from Toronto.

Manny Machado

But he does. Unlike some of the Twitter accounts we've featured before, @MannyM isn't pretending to be baseball's Manny Machado -- he's just a guy who happens to share his name.

Canada's Manny Machado hasn't acknowledged his unlikely celebrity reader, nor the huge influx of confused sports fans who've followed ARod's accidental lead.

Of course, it's possible that @AROD's follow was entirely intentional. Rodriguez might harbor a little-known interest in stiletto wine bottle holders, or an unrealized passion for refinishing found coffee tables. But you and I both know that he probably just clicked on the wrong profile like a big old dumbhead. Stars: They're just like us.

What will happen if (or when) the Orioles' Machado does decide to start tweeting? Unfortunately, the handle @mannymachado is already taken, too:

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