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Who exactly is @miketrout? Cut4 investigates

Many celebrities -- especially relative newcomers and stars with common names -- missed out on the chance to claim their names as their Twitter handles. Professional baseball players are no exception. In this regular feature, we explore the Lost Twitters of Major League Baseball.

This impostor: @miketrout, who is not the 2012 AL Rookie of the Year.
The genuine article: @Trouty20, who is.

This is a clear case of a same-name coincidence, considering @miketrout started tweeting long before the 21-year-old Trout's first MLB appearance in 2011 (and even prior to his minor-league debut in 2009). Let's take a look at @miketrout's oeuvre.

Well, this post technically doesn't eliminate the possibility that this could be Mike Trout Mike Trout, considering that he probably didn't run the 2009 Carlsbad 5k either.

"Lego?" Is that the name of New York's hottest club? Nope: Carlsbad is, in fact, the home of Legoland California, so we're assuming that's what @miketrout is referring to. In which case -- could you be more ungrateful? I will most likely die before I have the chance to see Legoland, but you're too cool for school. What, is there a 5K you should be not-running?

Come on, @miketrout. You're from Carlsbad, where the average low in January is 45ºF. Baseball's Mike Trout hails from Millville, NJ, where the same month brings an average snowfall of 5.5 inches. You don't even know what that's like, man.

-- Molly Fitzpatrick /

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