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Who wants to own Madison Bumgarner's World Series locker?

Used clubhouse lockers from AT&T Park up for auction

The last time the Giants played at AT&T Park (Oct. 26 against the Royals), Madison Bumgarner threw a four-hit shutout in Game 5 of the World Series and then stood in front of his locker and . . .

. . . said goodbye to it forever. Believe it or not, MadBum's entire cherry-wood locker is being auctioned right now through Feb. 15 at 11 a.m. ET on the Giants' website along with 39 others from the Giants' clubhouse.


"The replacement of the lockers is part of a larger clubhouse renovation," explained Alfonso Felder, the Giants' senior vice president of administration. "Fortunately because the original cherry wood lockers were built as individual lockers, they came out fairly easily. It's certainly a rare opportunity as clubhouses aren't often renovated."

"In our case, we're making some changes in the clubhouse that necessitated a modification to the shape of the room, so replacing the lockers made more sense than trying to modify the lockers to fit the new room. Building new lockers also gives us an opportunity to include new amenities. Without the change in the shape of the clubhouse, however, we probably wouldn't have changed the lockers as they are still in great shape."

If you want one of these badly enough, you'll have to stop by AT&T Park and haul it away yourself. It's not like they're gonna overnight it to you at the office. Just think of the stories you can tell as you sit in front of your own cherry-wood locker and tell people it's the same one that was covered with plastic so that it would be protected from the champagne celebration that followed the Giants successfully clinching their third NLCS title in five years.

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