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Tell us who you think will win the T-Mobile Home Run Derby

All season long, we gaze in wonder at the best sluggers in MLB. They hit baseballs hard, they hit baseballs far, they hit baseballs clear out of stadiums. We're left to wonder, "What would happen if they were allowed to swing for the fences with reckless abandon?" And then, one night a year, we get our answer: It's the T-Mobile Home Run Derby, and it's almost here once more.
The participants have been announced. The brackets have been set. Their best dingers have been exalted. There's only one thing left in preparation for Monday night: Predict the winner. Luckily, we've given you the chance to do just that -- all eight Derby contestants are listed below, just use the up and down arrows to make your voice heard. And remember: When this many homers are involved, there are no real losers.