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Will any Giants fans show up in Detroit? That's a clown question, bro

Jamie Awad, the "Giants Clown," only assumed his identity after losing a bet with his friend the "Dodgers Clown." But since then, he's embraced the role enough to travel all around the country to see his team play.

Implying that this is not the only clown suit he owns, the San Franciscan described his outfit as "my orange-and-black attack suit." And did this attack suit come from one of the Bay Area's premier costume showrooms? In a way, yes:

“I bought this at AT&T Park, the Giants Dugout store. I didn’t get the shoes there though, my friend got me the shoes.”

The jet-setting Awad, who was originally supposed to be in New York during Game 4, was hoping for a Giants sweep since a commitment in Brazil will prevent him from attending more World Series games. He didn't see them clinch the title in 2010 either (he was in Mexico), and has been waiting a long time to witness a San Francisco World Series victory in person.

“I’ve seen some painful losses, ’89 World Series, I was there. During the earthquake, believe it or not … don’t let the cute young looks fool you.”

-- Dan Wohl /


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