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Will the umpire strike back?

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, players like Jedi Koosman, Wookie Backman and Ron Darthling led the Mets against the various Evil Empires of the National League.

Yesterday, New York's Rebel Alliance used the Force for good by raising money for Stand Up To Cancer on Star Wars night at Citi Field.

Emperor Angel Pagantine started in center field with Lucas Yoduda in right and starter R.A. D2 watching from the dugout.

Here are a few more Star Wars-inspired Mets. Let us know your favorites or add your own in the comments!

Sid Far, Far Nandez
The Light Seaver
Yoda Swoboda
Ojeda Won Kenobe
David Clone
See 3BHoJo
MilLennyum Dykstra
Mos Izzy
Santana People
Don Solo Clendenin
C3P Ojeda
Leiter Speed
Dantuine Heep
Rusty D2 Staub
McDowellian Balkin
Jay Bay Binks