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Ever dreamed of grilling steaks with Eric Hosmer? Now's your chance

Close your eyes. Picture your dream grill out. There you are, standing in the backyard. A tray of delicious meats and veggies ready to be thrown on the burning hot grill. An ice cold fizzy beverage is in your hand. You're wearing a "Kiss the Cook" apron for some unknown reason.

And, what's this? Eric Hosmer of the Royals is also hanging out with you? While that seems like it's just a dream, it could be a reality. The Royals are holding a contest where one lucky fan will get to have a backyard BBQ with nine of their friends and Hosmer in attendance. 


What kind of tips will he give on getting the proper char on a steak? And will you be able to teach him a thing or two about how to best cook corn on the cob? Only way to find out is by entering, which you can do by clicking here. If you win, you'll be celebrating like this: