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The wind was Jason Hammel's best friend on fly ball he assumed was gone

Human perception is weird. Is that a ghost in the corner of your bedroom in the middle of the night, or a chair with a jacket and a hat slung on top of it? Is that the delicious smell of baking cookies or just a scented candle? Is this a movie or is a Muppet spraying water on me

On Saturday night, Jason Hammel got a small taste of his mind's limitations. Facing the Washington Nationals, Hammel thought he had surrendered a home run to Anthony Rendon in the bottom of the first inning. Frustrated, Hammel asked the umpire for a new ball, only to learn that the wind had helped him out and the fly nestled softly in Chris Coghlan's glove. 

Jason Hammel

At least, we think that's what happened. After all, can we really ever trust what we see?