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A pretty adorable father and son from Queens snagged Michael Conforto's first Game 4 homer

Father and son from Queens nab Conforto home run

At just your team's second World Series home game in 15 years, you're sitting in the right-field seats, when suddenly, a home run ball from one of your heroes comes flying right toward you. It's a scenario that every fan dreams of -- including Vincent O'Connell and his son Paul, two diehard Mets fans from Queens. 

But for the O'Connells, that dream actually came true. They were in the upper deck in right for Game 4 of the World Series on Saturday night, and when Mets rookie Michael Conforto launched one that way, Vincent was able to make a play and come up with the souvenir. 

"I was watching it all the way, and I was just hoping it was going to hook right around the foul pole," he told "I don't know exactly what happened. There was a big rush, but I got it."

The duo had been a good luck charm for the Amazins this season -- they had been to five games, including Game 3 of the NLDS against the Dodgers, and New York had won all five. Kansas City's 5-3 win on Saturday may have snapped that streak, but Vincent came away with a pretty cool consolation prize: "The ball is for [Paul]."

And, to all those desperate to take home a souvenir, Paul offered a little tip: "We're lucky we never left our seats."

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