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Watch these Yankee fans try to say something nice about the Red Sox

Everyone knows the Yankees and the Red Sox do not get along. Sure, every now and then a Yankees fan will lose his cell phone and Mookie Betts will give it back. OK, it happened the one time, but for these two franchises, that's soul-level bonding. 

But what about their fans? We went to Yankee Stadium and asked Red Sox and Yankees fans if they could say one nice thing about the other team. Perhaps it was a bit easier for Sox fans to be gracious -- after all, they defeated the Yankees on Tuesday and sealed their ticket to the ALCS with a tense 4-3 win

"Listen, they won 108 games in the regular season," said one Yankee fan. "They had one of the best regular seasons ever. We had to play a Wild Card Game winning 100 games, so I'll give a hat tip to that."

Watch the video above to see what other fans said.