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Yankees prospect Mason Williams hit a dinger in his very first game and his family went nuts

Yanks prospect Mason Williams homers in first game

Just a few months ago, it looked like Mason Williams' career might never even get off the ground. Once a consensus top-50 prospect and the crown jewel of the Yankees' farm system, the outfielder suffered through a couple of rough offensive seasons while working his way through the Minors, and he was all but an afterthought coming into 2015. 

But then things started to turn: Williams raked in Spring Training and showed signs of becoming the speedy on-base machine of New York's dreams. With the big club suffering some injuries and in need of a spark in the outfield, the Yankees decided to make the call, giving the 23-year-old his first big league start Friday night against the Orioles. They chose wisely:

Williams home run

This is just the latest in a seemingly never-ending parade of prospects coming up to the Show and immediately crushing baseballs. Beware: The young'uns have arrived, and they come bearing lumber.

Below, you can watch Williams' mom talk about what it was like to watch her son's debut:

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