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Yasiel Puig, bat flip maestro, previews upcoming concert season

Yasiel Puig, bat flip maestro, previews his season

Vin Scully once christened Yasiel Puig "the maestro" of bat flips. If that's the case, the Dodgers' right fielder gave concertgoers a preview of the upcoming orchestra season on Sunday:


Puig's third home run of Spring Training included his best bat flip of March: Just look at the way he holds his baton and sends it spinning with a gentle nudge. This is Puig's way of reminding everyone that each of his homers is the must-see high-society event of the year.

As for the orchestra that Puig conducts, we only have one thing to say: Grab your sheet music, tune your strings, oil up your horns and take off the tympani covers, because the maestro is here to make beautiful music. 

h/t Hardball Talk

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