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Listen to Yasiel Puig cheer for Puerto Rico's first gold medalist, Monica Puig, because '#VivaPuig'

When Monica Puig won her match against Angelique Kerber to win the tennis gold medal -- the first ever in Puerto Rico's history -- it wasn't just all of her country cheering for. No, she had an ally in another Puig thanks to Los Angeles' Yasiel. 

Puig got his cheering going before the match: 

Don't think that was the end of it, though. Oh no, the outfielder was completely locked in. When it came time for match point, Puig was cheering along the whole way: 

Of course, the best part -- along with his excited shouts of "Oh my god!" after she won -- might be his mention of "thank you" when the announcer mentions "Puig." #VivaPuig indeed. 

Puig (the Olympian) also has another Dodgers connection -- she's dating Jose De Leon, the organization's No. 2 prospect, and Puig (the baseball player)'s teammate in Oklahoma City.