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It took three attempts, but Yasiel Puig made sure a young Dodgers fan got his souvenir

The Dodgers might have fallen to the D-backs on Friday, 13-5, but before Arizona's nine-run eighth inning, Yasiel Puig lived up to his #PuigYourFriend mantra and made a fan's night.

Puig knows a dedicated supporter when he sees one. Dodgers fans in Arizona only get the opportunity to see their favorite team every now and then, so after Puig caught a fly ball, he was ready to reward a young L.A. loyalist in the vicinity with the last out of an inning.

It did not entirely go as planned, as the fan dropped the ball. So Puig went back to try again -- still no luck.

It took some effort, but the little guy finally got his souvenir, as well as a fan experience that he'll never forget. Credit Puig with his persistence to making sure he didn't go home empty-handed.

Just remember to close the glove when making catches in Little League, kiddo! You don't want to end up like Smalls during his first baseball experience in The Sandlot.