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Yasiel Puig singing 'Eye of the Tiger' will get you pumped for Game 7

Yasiel Puig / Instagram

This is it. Game 7 of the World Series is here -- either the Dodgers or Astros will be crowned champions. So how does one prepare for such a game? Well, when it comes to Yasiel Puig, he blasts classics from the car.

Prior to the must-win matchup at Dodger Stadium, Puig was pumped to play on the biggest stage of the season. He took to Instagram Live and while listening to Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger," he shouted "Game 7!" into the camera and of course, showed off his signature tongue-out move. The fans loved it.


It seemed to be working. As he took batting practice he, well:

If anyone knows how to get ready for a big game like this, it's Puig. And the Rocky influence is just the cherry on top. If you want to watch the entire live video, you can see it here.