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Watch Yasiel Puig surprise some drive-thru customers in L.A.

This offseason has brought us many things, from preposterous workout routines to even more preposterous fashion statements. One thing it's been a bit light on, however, is Yasiel Puig.

Last we saw the Dodgers outfielder, he was traveling the world with his mom, but that was nearly a month ago. So, just where is everyone's favorite karaoke star? At your local drive-thru window, apparently:


Yes, that is Puig making a perfect Big Mac. He dropped by a Los Angeles McDonald's recently to hang out with the staff, sling some burgers and, of course, surprise some unsuspecting customers. You can check out the video above to see all the best reactions, but sadly, we did not get to see Puig actually eat anything -- much as he loves chicken nuggets, it's almost time to report to Spring Training.