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Yasiel Puig went to the premiere of the new Kevin Hart movie, celebrated at the arcade

Puig went to Kevin Hart premiere then the arcade

While the rest of us were having sweet-and-sour chicken delivered and combing through Netflix to figure out which episode of "Lost" we'd like to re-watch for the 20th time, Yasiel Puig was out on the town being Yasiel Puig because -- when you're an MLB All-Star oozing with potential -- Chinese delivery and re-runs ain't gonna cut it.

Puig was in Miami on Thursday hanging out with Kevin Hart at the premiere of his new movie "The Wedding Ringer" because that's the kind of thing you get to do when you're Yasiel Puig. He posed for a photo with Hart and co-star Josh Gad and then celebrated the awesomeness that was a day in his life by "playing in the arcade with motorcycles" with his friends.

Playing in the arcade with the motorcycles right now with my friends @alex_motaa

A video posted by @yasielpuig (@yasielpuig) on

Yeah, it probably isn't so bad being the Bart Simpson of MLB:

I will not be a distraction #lmao #iwillnotbeadistraction

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