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Yoenis Cespedes definitely knows how to get Jose Abreu's attention at first base

After striking out in his first at-bat in the Mets' 1-0 win over the White Sox, Yoenis Cespedes wanted to really announce his presence at first base after his one-out single in the fourth inning. So, he got the attention of fellow Cuban slugger Jose Abreu the one way he knew would definitely work.


This is the baseball equivalent of showing up to your friend's house unannounced, bursting through the doors and shouting "I'm home" while you head over to raid the fridge. Good to see you too, Yo.

Cespedes kept his conversation with Abreu going even as he headed to second following Neil Walker's walk, probably pointing out that he'd reached base before Abreu (who would single in the seventh). 

Hey, when you have a high opinion of someone, like Cespedes does of Abreu, you know you have to take your chances when they come.