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Hey, guess what? Yoenis Cespedes' rocket arm cut down yet another baserunner

We've been warned before: Stop. For the love of embarrassment in GIF, Vine, video and even short film (live action) form:


Stop running on Yoenis Cespedes' arm. 

Adrian Gonzalez, during Tuesday's Mets-Dodgers game, did not heed these warnings and, well, things ended as they generally do:

The throw, all 232.1 feet of it, cut down the Dodgers first baseman for the third out of the sixth inning -- quelling any thoughts of a rally in the 2-2 contest. The Dodgers would eventually win, 3-2, on a Trayce Thompson walk-off homer.

So, what was Gonzalez thinking? Perhaps that he should be able to arrive safely at second base on a ball hit 400 feet off of the center-field wall.

Fair, but perhaps next series.