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Kudos to this tiny A's fan for doing a good job ignoring his brother's attempts at distraction

A rite of childhood, especially if you're the younger sibling, is putting up with the antics of your older brothers or sisters. That means you're often forced to deal with some truly obnoxious behavior every now and then.

And the thing about older brothers or sisters is that they don't leave this experience for only at home. It can play out at the ballpark, which it did in Tuesday's Royals-A's game at the Coliseum for this super tiny A's fan, sitting in some pretty choice seats up close on the field. 


Despite the incredible vantage point of the game itself, this young fan's mohawked brother tried everything he could to bother his younger sibling, just because. (Remember, this is just something older brothers have to do). Wonder if he was re-enacting this classic cinema moment: 

No matter what Older Brother was trying to do, that little kid did a pretty fantastic job of tuning him out. That's a valuable skill to have.