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Young Indians fan makes great catch, high fives pretty much his whole section

Young Indians fan makes great catch, high fives everyone

Victor Martinez can bring some serious heat, but 16-year-old David Allchin was not intimidated when V-Mart fouled one off in his direction. What was David thinking in that moment?

"Just don't drop it! Just catch it, do not drop it!"

David plays second base and shortstop for Kirtland High School, so he has some experience with the leather. He also caught another ball at a Tribe game -- a home run courtesy of Carlos Santana a few years ago. But what's his favorite memory from the ballpark? "This, right now."

Not only did David snatch a pretty cool souvenir, he's a hero in his section, in case you couldn't tell by the high-five bonanza that followed:

high fives

"After I caught it, people around me were saying, "thanks for catching it so it didn't hit me!'" (Ladies nearby nodded enthusiastically in agreement.)

Of course, it's not official until you tweet it:

All in a day's work. Congrats, David!

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