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Youth ballplayer shows off some serious hops as he leaps over catcher to score run

Youth ballplayer leaps over catcher to score run

Did you know Superman couldn't fly in his early days? It's true. That whole "leap tall buildings in a single bound" thing was because, yeah, zooming about the atmosphere wasn't in the equation yet.

I think we may have just found a very young Superman. 

At the San Marcos Wood Bat youth tournament on March 29, Devin Avedissian sprinted for home on a wild pitch that got past the catcher. Only problem: The ball quickly ricocheted back and Avedissian was faced with what looked like a certain out. 

Only this time, with a move that looks more like it belongs in a 1990s X Games compilation, vaulted over the catcher to score the run. 

Even if Avedissian never does learn how to fly, he can rest easy knowing that he's already got Supes beat in the baseball skills and sportsmanship department.