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Zack Greinke hypnotizes Neil Walker into letting him hit a single, has magical batting powers

Over the past several months, the world has discovered that, in addition to being historically awesome on the mound, Zack Greinke can swing a bat with the best of them. But what's his secret? Is it the hair? The bat flips? Or maybe, if Friday's game against the Pirates is any indication, Greinke has the ability to control defenders with his mind:

Greinke single

But, surely fearing that we were too close to discovering the truth behind his sorcery, Greinke went ahead and smoked a double one at-bat later -- complete with another bat flip, because he's physically incapable of not doing it at this point: 

Greinke double

Sadly, that double came in the seventh, and Greinke's day was over soon after -- denying us of the rare cycle watch for a pitcher.