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And for his next trick, Zack Greinke is hitting home runs and flipping bats

Greinke unleashes epic bat flip after HR

Shortly after Zack Greinke saw his scoreless-innings streak busted up at 45 2/3 innings, fellow Dodgers hurler Clayton Kershaw started one of his own (it's currently at 37 innings).

So, how could Greinke raise the bar in the friendly competition among rotation-mates? By raking at the dish, that's how. 

Back in May, Greinke doubled against the Brewers and celebrated by announcing that he'd been working on his bat flip. On Thursday, Greinke and the Dodgers visited Philadelphia, where he doubled (again) and upped the ante by knocking a home run to left-center field in a game that the Dodgers held on to win, 10-8. Then, he demonstrated that his bat flip is evolving quite nicely.


Your move, Kershaw. Your move.

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