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Gonzo holds court with fans in Twitter chat
D-backs legend Luis Gonzalez participated in a Twitter chat on Tuesday to promote the first-ever Alumni Night, which will be held Saturday, Sept. 15 at Chase Field. Gonzo made his Twitter debut via @Dbacks. Fans asked him questions by using the hashtag #GoingGonzo, which quickly became the No. 1 trending topic in Phoenix. At the end of the chat, 10 random participants won a pair of suite tickets and an exclusive D-backs alumni meet-and-greet during the game on Saturday.

Gonzo: Welcome #Dbacks fans. Really excited about chatting with you guys for the next half hour!

@DBaxFanAJ: No question here, but wanted to say thanks for the autograph! I got you in my #MysteryBall package!

Gonzo: Thanks for your support! All the proceeds go to wonderful causes for kids throughout the Arizona area.

@taracaley: Will all of the former players be wearing the numbers that they had when they were on the team?

Gonzo: It's my understanding that they will be wearing their original numbers for #AlumniNight.

@LindsayGoboly: Is there going to be anyway to meet you at the game? Been waiting 14 years!

Gonzo: I'm sure all players will try to make themselves accessible. They're excited to come back for this special night!

@SupeRRManueL: Do you ever see yourself being one of the coaches on the staff? #GoingGonzo

Gonzo: Not at this time, but maybe in the future.

@CBake93: What former player do you think is going to play the best in the Alumni Game on Saturday?

Gonzo Not really sure. I think all of the guys are just trying to have fun and avoid injuries.

@CBake93: Very true. Excited to see everyone back again and the new guys in purple and teal! should be a fun night at Chase Field.

@BD_FLOJOE: Gonzo, how do you feel about the second Wild Card addition this year? Sure is making things exciting!

Gonzo: I agree. It makes a lot more fans interested in the game this late in the season.

@the_popester: What were your thoughts on the color change? I miss that purple and teal! #GoDBacks

Gonzo: Change is part of the game. Now it just gives our current team a chance to wear throwback uniforms.

@the_popester: Not a question, but THANKS for taking a pic with me and my softball team at the state fair in 2003! Haha

Gonzo: We'll be there again this year. Look forward to seeing you guys at the fair!

@JimmyNova: I really want one of those Tootsie Pops behind you. What is your favorite candy?

Gonzo: I'm a Snickers guy.

@burroughsfan: What was your favorite on the road ballpark that you liked to play in?

Gonzo: Wrigley Field and Busch Stadium. Great atmosphere and great fans.

@KarynCaryl: How did you feel the first time you saw yourself on a baseball card? Did you collect them?

Gonzo: Excited to have my first card. Have a nice collection at home of not only my cards but other players. Huge Pete Rose collector.

@ElChosenJuan94: Pitcher you least liked going up against?

Gonzo: Woody Williams

@nicoleaq40: How much do you miss playing for the D-backs?

Gonzo: I miss playing. I miss being around the guys and I miss the competitive part of the game.

@jedyotesfan: How do you like being in the booth now?

Gonzo: It's definitely a different perspective of the game, but I enjoy talking about the game of baseball to the fans.

@diana_renea: How did u feel when u won the world series?

Gonzo: It was an incredible feeling. Something that you dream about as a kid.

@jackcpemberton: Are there any plans to retire another alumni's number in the near future?

Gonzo: I'm sure there is. Only a matter of time.

@PhanXJey: Did you ever want to take a lawn chair to LF when RJ pitched?

Gonzo: There were days when I probably could have and gotten away with it!

@stephanieforevr: Purple & turquoise or red & black?

Gonzo: I'm actually a fan of both.

@Beerjas: Will we be doing this event every year from now on? And is there a way I can get free tickets?

Gonzo: I'm really not sure. I just think it's great that the organization has given so many former players the opportunity to come back.

@Beerjas: Thanks Gonzo hopefully we can do this every year!

@iCarl5: More thrilling experience? Winning HR Derby or hitting for cycle.

Gonzo: Hitting for the cycle.

@naterdude: Do you see yourself being the team president? or does @DHallDbacks have that job locked down?

Gonzo: I think @DHallDbacks does a fantastic job and I'm learning so much in his shadow.

@Villa_602: What would you say to your kids/grandchildren if they want to follow your footsteps?

Gonzo: Be positive, stay humble, and work hard.

@KylePayne_28: Which player today do you wish you could have played with?

Gonzo: Mike Trout. He's an exciting young player that comes ready to play.

@DBaxFanAJ: What is your favorite part of being Spec. Assistant to @DHallDbacks?

Gonzo: Just getting to learn a lot of the diffierent behind-the-scenes things that go on every day within the organization.

@taracaley: Is the #AlumniNight game Diamondbacks players vs. Diamondbacks players?

Gonzo: Yes. I will be coaching one of the teams and Matty will be coaching the other.

@fill3up: What ballplayers did you look up to growing up?

Gonzo: I always followed guys from my hometown in Tampa. Dave Magadan, Wade Boggs, Fred McGriff. All left-handed hitters.

@Omgukill3dkenny: Hey gonzo! Just wondering what's your favorite thing about the Diamondbacks organization?

Gonzo: All the positive energy from the employees from top to bottom.

@brianoblinger: So are you going to go yard off of Swindell in the Alumni Game or what?

Gonzo: Just hoping to make contact.

@AZ_Raider_Fan: Do you agree with media the #Dbacks need to sign a huge name to be the identity of the team and energize fan base?

Gonzo: I think we have a good core of young players now with Goldy, Montero, and Eaton.

@TheAmick: Who was your loudest teammate during your time in Arizona?

Gonzo: Carlos Baerga was the loudest and Mike Morgan never stopped talking.

@sonofbry55: What is the hardest part about broadcasting? Did you always want to get into the booth?

Gonzo: Not really. I just enjoy having the opportunity to talk the game of baseball to fans.

Gonzo: Thanks for all your questions. Sorry I wasn't able to answer all of them. Hope to see you guys at the ballpark! #GoDbacks