Naughty or nice? Bradley picks gifts for 'mates

December 21st, 2017

PHOENIX -- recently dressed up as Santa Claus for an appearance at an Arizona State University basketball game, so we asked the D-backs right-hander if he indeed were Kris Kringle, what gifts would he bestow upon his teammates?

"I've got to be careful here," Bradley said with a laugh.

For outfielder :

"I'm giving David Peralta a new taste in music. I'm giving him a broader horizon of music, of songs, artists and stations. I'm talking country and western, raps, you name it. David has only 10 songs that he plays. I'm serious."

For first baseman :

"I would give Paul Goldschmidt a pair of joggers -- you know, the pants that I wear that are cuffed at the bottom -- because he makes fun of me every day that I wear them. So I would give him a pair of them."

For his in-season housemate, third baseman :

"There's a lot to choose with Jake. Let me see ... I know, I would get Jake Lamb his own cleaning crew for his room and his downstairs area at the house. And I guess I would also get him a lifetime Starbucks gift card."

For infielder Chris Owings:

"For C.O., I would get a step stool."

For left-hander Robbie Ray:

"I'd get Robbie a whole new wardrobe. No, wait -- I would get Robbie a new pair of shoes for the plane flights. He wears the same pair of boots every flight and they are terrible."

For right-hander , a new father:

"I would give Tai the most [tricked-out] baby stroller you could possibly get. It'll have speakers, a cup holder, all kinds of compartments, charging ports. You can take it off-road -- well, not off-road, because you don't want to take your baby off-road, so scratch that, that's dumb. But it would be the top of the line. It would be like a high-tech Segway stroller."

For free-agent outfielder J.D. Martinez:

"I'd want a new contract for J.D., with us, of course."

For catcher Jeff Mathis:

"I would give Jeff Mathis a combover comb. He's got the best combover in the league, and I want to make sure you quote me on that. There's a difference between a normal comb and a combover comb. Don't ask me what it is because I can't explain it, but there's a difference. Trust me."