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Listing Tickets on StubHub

In order to post on StubHub or forward tickets, they must be paid and they must be printed.

1. Log into My Arizona Diamondbacks Account Manager. Enter your Account Number and Password. If you do not know your Account and/or Password, please contact your Season Ticket Services Representative directly or call the Season Ticket Services Hotline at 602-514-4444.

2. Click Manage My Tickets (or if it's an upcoming event, just select the event if it appears below.)

3. Select the Event Month from the list at the top of the Calendar.

4. Select Event on the Calendar.

5. Select Sell Your Tickets on button. After you select that option, eligible tickets will then be able to be selected.

Please Note: If you have parking and would like to post it from Account Manager, please follow the steps for posting parking.

6. Verify the seats are what you want to post to StubHub. If correct, hit Continue to post tickets for resale button.

7. After signing in, the seat information selected in Account Manager auto-populates into StubHub. Select all necessary features, if any apply. Click continue.

8. Set your price. You can see and compare what other tickets have been priced at for all events. Click continue.

9. Select reimbursement method which includes a credit to your D-backs season ticket account, a check, PayPal or donate to a charity.

10. Click continue. Congratulations, your seats are now posted for sale.

If you want to remove the seats from StubHub, DELETE the posting. If you want to hide or take down the posting to re-post at a later date, you will have to DEACTIVATE the posting. Deactivating the posting does not remove seats from StubHub. Deactivated seats will not be eligible for reprints or exchanges at the ticket office.

Steps for Posting Parking

If you have parking and would like to post it from Account Manager to StubHub, You must select it with its corresponding game. Parking cannot be posted individually through Account Manager. If you have parking that you wish to sell with the tickets, select Manage More Tickets. If not, select Post for Resale button

If you selected Manage More Tickets, this will take you back to the Calendar. From there, select the Parking Event. The Sell Your Tickets on button will already be selected. Just select the parking passes you would like to re-sell. Click the button Post for Resale on the top of the page.