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Vision to Learn

The Problem

As many as 2 million children across the country lack the glasses they need to see the lessons on a classroom board and read the words in a book.

Studies have shown 95% of incoming first graders who need glasses do not have them.

The Effects

Children with poor vision experience difficulty paying attention in class and may be labeled as "problem learners." They tend to shy away from participating in class, can suffer from low self-esteem and often receive bad grades.

The Barriers

Low-income and minority students are disproportionately affected, where they lack the access or resources to visit a doctor or get the glasses they need.

The Solution

VTL brings the mobile eye clinic to the students and provides eye exams and glasses for free. They overcome the obstacles that prevent children from getting the eye care they need.

The Impact

  • Kids with corrected vision display more confidence
  • Classroom participation improves
  • Grades and test scores rise
  • Schools and families benefit when kids have the tools to succeed in the classroom and in life

Our Impact

Since 2013, LADF has supported the expansion of VTL's services in schools and community centers in Los Angeles. This partnership began with one mobile unit. As of 2017, there are now two LADF mobile units featuring Dodger players Justin Turner and Adrian Gonzalez. VTL does not just make school visits but also stops at recreation centers in LADF's Dodgers RBI program.

Numbers as of February 2017

  • 1,318 LA Area Public Schools visited
  • 400,000 eye screenings
  • 70,000 comprehensive eye exams
  • 55,000 prescription glasses delivered
  • 635 Dodgers RBI players screened