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Tears of joy for Treanor as wife wins Olympic gold

LOS View Full Game Coverage ANGELES -- Matt Treanor is a crier.

When it comes to watching sappy movies, he's the one to shed a tear, not his wife, Misty May-Treanor.

"I'm not afraid to cry," said Treanor. "I'm not afraid to snap a bat over my neck or whatever it is. That's the way I am. That is the way I'm built. Being Irish-Italian doesn't always help, either."

So in sticking with the script, Treanor's eyes got puffy and red as they welled up on Wednesday afternoon when his wife won her third Olympic gold medal with teammate Kerri Walsh Jennings in the women's beach volleyball final.

"It was tears of joy," Treanor said. "Honestly, the tears didn't flow right away, because there was a bunch of people in the room. I had to step out.

"It's a swarming effect. There are all these thoughts and emotions that come in your head, and it's just about Misty and what she wanted to do."

For the past week -- and the past two Olympics, for that matter -- Treanor has had to watch his wife of eight years from afar on a live Internet feed.

With a time difference that worked much more to his advantage than the one four years ago -- when the Olympics were in Beijing -- Treanor got to Dodger Stadium early Wednesday to watch his wife on a computer in the trainer's room.

With team trainers Sue Falsone, Nancy Patterson and Greg Harrel by his side, Treanor watched as his wife and Walsh Jennings defeated the American team of Jennifer Kessy and April Ross, 21-16, 21-16.

Manager Don Mattingly and pitcher Clayton Kershaw stopped in for a few minutes to show their support.

However, as the final neared its end, the Internet connection went down, leaving Treanor unable to watch the conclusion of the match.

"As soon as we got the connection again, they were celebrating," Treanor said. "She was screaming into the camera, so I knew things were all good."

Upon re-entering the Dodgers' clubhouse, Treanor said he was greeted with a hug by teammate Matt Kemp, who was shouting "U-S-A, U-S-A!"

Treanor plans on watching the part of the final that he missed later Wednesday night after the Dodgers game, and he expects to do a lot more crying and shouting when that time comes.

"Deep down in my heart, I wanted to be there for all three of them," he said.

The backup catcher was in the lineup Wednesday night and Mattingly joked, "he wasn't playing until she won."

Treanor said he's hopeful to see his wife in Miami when the Dodgers take on the Marlins, but he's not sure if she'll be able to make it with all the media hoopla that will surround her in the next week. He is beyond proud of his wife for all she has accomplished, getting emotional while talking about all of her accomplishments.

"The old ladies went out and did it," said Treanor.

"I'm just a bystander. I'm the guy who packs the bags or the lunch."

He described the look on his wife's face after winning the gold to that of a pregnant woman sporting a special glow and aura. Speaking of that look, he said it might be time that the couple start a family, with the odds of May-Treanor competing in the 2016 Rio De Janeiro Olympics not as likely.

"Sometimes the unknown is a little scary, but it isn't scary right now for me, just because I know Misty was able to go out and do what she did."

In the meantime, Treanor, who was hopeful he could talk to his wife on the phone after batting practice, just wants Misty to enjoy the moment.

"I'm hoping she has a good dinner out tonight in London," he said with a laugh. "I told her to wreck the town."

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