Old Timers Game features skipper Roberts

Dodgers alums face off for two innings in annual showcase

July 3rd, 2016

LOS ANGELES -- Dodgers alums old and not so old took the field Saturday for the team's annual Old-Timers Game, walking down memory lane as they faced off for two innings.

Among the players to take the field were Fernando Valenzuela, Orel Hershiser, Nomar Garciaparra, Kenny Lofton and Shawn Green. Figureheads of Dodgers history were also recognized on the field before the game, including Sandy Koufax, Don Newcombe and Tommy Lasorda.

However, it wasn't entirely an old man's game. Skip Schumaker, Mark Ellis, and Nick Punto, who were all playing in the Majors as recently as 2014, took part. All three participated in an impromptu home run derby after the game.

One Dodgers great who is still an active Major Leaguer remembered the trio fondly during their time with the team.

"Those guys are some of the best teammates of all time. They're missed and it's always fun to see them," Clayton Kershaw said.

The former player who drew the most attention in the dugout and on the field was manager Dave Roberts, under immense pressure while playing in front of his players. In the first inning, Roberts hit a leadoff single to center off Valenzuela and advanced to third in the next two at-bats. From there, things got interesting.

With Green at bat, the defense shifted to the point where the third baseman was at the shortstop position, leaving Roberts to take a humongous lead at third. Roberts seemed about to steal home, but held off. Green responded with a fly ball that reached the left-field corner to score Roberts, but was thrown out going for an inside-the-park home run when Manny Mota got some throwing help from an observer in left field.

"Thank goodness this game's only two innings," Roberts said. "I'm going to try to come out of it OK, not end up on the training table. If I do, I'm going to take a lot of grief from the players. That's kind of more important than getting a hit today."

Kenny Lofton scored the winning run in the bottom of the second with a stand-up triple, but there was enough leftover competition to spark the home run derby, which ended in a tie after three players from each team had taken cuts.

"I haven't felt that nervous in a while, it was like playoff baseball," Schumaker said, tongue firmly in cheek.

Three attendees of the game, 1981 World Series co-MVPs Ron Cey, Steve Yeager and Pedro Guerrero, were honored before the current Dodgers took the field, throwing out simultaneous first pitches. Fans at the game were given a triple-bobblehead of the three.