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First-Ever Dodgers Digital Bobblehead Night

Get in on the Crypto craze! A first of its kind collectible, pick up a digital bobblehead at Dodger Stadium on September 21 with a Clayton Kershaw, Justin Turner or Kenley Jansen Crypto token for your Ethereum wallet. It's the first Crypto giveaway in Major League Baseball, and believed to be the first such promotion in sports.

While supplies last at guest's point of entry, the first 40,000 ticketed fans in attendance will receive a card with a unique code and directions to a website where a digital bobblehead can be unlocked and added to their Ethereum wallet. The player Crypto token received will be randomly selected, with approximately an equal number of Kershaw, Turner and Jansen codes distributed at the stadium gates.

Digital Bobblehead FAQ

What will I receive on Sept. 21?

While supplies last at guest's point of entry, the first 40,000 ticketed fans in attendance will receive a card which contains instructions on how to redeem and view the digital bobblehead on or on the MLB Crypto Baseball app on the app store. Each card received will have a unique code which will unlock the digital bobbleheads online. An approximately equal number of Kershaw, Turner and Jansen codes will be distributed at the stadium gates.

Fans will not receive a physical bobblehead.

Do I need a smartphone and a computer with internet access to enjoy this giveaway?

Yes, in order to access the digital bobblehead, a smartphone or a computer with internet access is required.

What is an Ethereum wallet?

It's an App where digital Crypto tokens and digital assets built on blockchain can be stored, just like you store concert and game tickets in your Apple Wallet.

After I download this digital bobblehead, what can I do with it?

Fans will be able to buy, sell, gift and trade their Crypto tokens on The digital bobbleheads are Crypto tokens, which utilize blockchain technology to prove ownership, verify authenticity and prevent unauthorized duplication. It's the same technology used for cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. Over time, the Dodgers hope to be able to create more Crypto tokens not only as stadium-wide giveaways, but to celebrate events and special achievements.

Are the giveaway digital bobbleheads part of the game on

The bobbleheads are not playable as part of the game, but they will be displayed on the marketplace. To avoid confusion, the Dodgers' digital bobbleheads will be displayed in separate marketplace from the other tokens on MLB Crypto.

Why are the Dodgers choosing to do a digital bobblehead giveaway?

The team wants to reach all segments of its fanbase, and is open to exploring all types of promotions and giveaways to connect with fans. Just like segments of the team's fanbase love to collect and display physical bobbleheads, there's a segment of the fanbase that collects digital assets.

Does this mean the Dodgers will no longer give out physical bobbleheads?

Of course not, bobbleheads are a staple of the team's promotional schedule. This year, the team had 13 bobblehead giveaways, and will give away three more on the upcoming homestand - Matt Kemp (Sept. 18), Manny Machado (Sept. 22) and Orel Hershiser (Sept. 23). The team plans to have a full slate of physical bobblehead giveaways in 2019 and in the foreseeable future as well.

Instructions on how to download your digital bobblehead

  1. Download the MLB Crypto Baseball app through the App store / Google Play.
  2. Use the app to scan the QR code, or enter the first 10 digits of the card ID.
  3. Once the QR code is scanned or the code is entered, the MLB Crypto Bobblehead Figure on that card will be visible in the app or on the mobile website.
  4. To claim ownership of the MLB Crypto Bobblehead Figure, you will need to create an ETH Wallet via the MLB Crypto Baseball website or app. To do so, you will need to scratch off the panel, enter the Private Key claim code, and follow the instructions on the website or app. You can also leave your MLB Crypto Bobblehead on the card, as it is a secure ETH wallet until the panel is scratched.
  5. After following the website instructions, your Official MLB Crypto Bobblehead Figure will be transferred to your newly created personal ETH Wallet.