Cutch's 3-star catch keeps Mariners at bay

April 5th, 2018

SAN FRANCISCO -- Outfielder reminded observers that he's a multidimensional performer who the Giants acquired not just for his ability to produce runs, but also to prevent them.

McCutchen drew his first warm burst of applause from fans at AT&T Park for running down 's third-inning drive to right-center field with two out and Mariners runners on the corners. That preserved the Giants' four-run lead as they went on to a 10-1 win on Wednesday.

McCutchen's grab was not in the least bit routine. It had a 55 percent catch probability and earned a three-star rating, according to Statcast™.

"A big ballpark like here, if the ball hangs up long enough, you are able to be there to use those legs and catch up to the ball," McCutchen said.

McCutchen shared the outfield on Wednesday with two reserves -- and . Left fielder was nursing a sprained right thumb and manager Bruce Bochy wanted Hernandez to get some playing time.

"Good speed out there," McCutchen said of the trio. "We've got some years under our belts. We know what we need to do out there to make plays. Good clean defense out there. We've got some guys who can go get the ball for sure."