Tribe will rock the red after new uniform unveil

November 19th, 2018

CLEVELAND -- With the Indians hosting the 2019 All-Star Game and the Chief Wahoo logo officially retired, a refreshed uniform look was in order for the coming season. And so, on Monday, the club unveiled its 2019 uniform options, which include a bold new red home alternate jersey, a change to the navy alternate and the official All-Star logo replacing Wahoo on the jersey sleeves.
Here's everything you need to know about the Tribe's uniform scheme:
The Indians will rock red
For just the second time in franchise history -- and the first since the 1975-77 seasons -- the team will wear a red jersey as part of its official uniform scheme. The red tops, which feature the script Indians logo across the chest in navy blue with white piping, replace the navy blue tops as the home alternate. Both the red jersey and the traditional home white jersey will be topped off with a navy cap with the Block C logo and a red brim.
"And no, we will not be wearing red pants with the red jersey tops," said Indians senior vice president of public affairs Bob DiBiasio, referring to the fire engine ensemble worn in 1975 and '76.

• There are two defined home uniforms and two defined road uniforms
Previously, the Indians had three uniform tops, with the navy blue alternate eligible for use at home and on the road. So the red top replaces the blue top at home. Because the blue top will now only be used on the road, the script Indians logo across the chest has been replaced by block letters spelling "Cleveland," similar to the regular road grays.
Chief Wahoo is gone
The Block C logo is now on all caps, with a red brim at home and a blue brim on the road. The Chief Wahoo patch on uniform sleeves has been replaced by the 2019 All-Star Game logo that features a guitar design.
It's uncertain whether the Wahoo logo will be permanently replaced
For now, the Indians are down to two logos -- the Block C and the script Indians lettering. The All-Star Game logo buys the club another year to decide whether to replace the Wahoo logo with something new.
"That's still in process," DiBiasio said. "I'm not even sure where we are along that path yet. With the All-Star Game patch, it gives us more time to work through those issues. Do we move to a third [logo]? That's still up for debate."
You can buy the look
The new jerseys and caps with the All-Star logos are available for sale at and the Indians Team Shop at Progressive Field.