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What keyboard shortcuts are available for MLB.TV?

Some keyboard shortcuts are available to users in order to facilitate easier and faster use of key features of the MLB.TV Media Player.

The following keyboard shortcuts are available in the MLB.TV Media Player:

M - Mute or Unmute Application

D - Decrease Application Volume by 10%

U - Increase Application Volume by 10%

P - Shortcut to Pause or Play the current video or audio broadcast

T - Navigate to select a game from today

A - Navigate to select an archived game

? - Shortcut to navigate to the Accessibility Information for the application

Notes: Keyboard shortcuts will only work when focus is on the MLB.TV Media Player Flash application Keyboard shortcuts will not work from within an editable text field (eg: Login input field) The shortcut keys work by simply pressing the indicated hotkey. However, this hotkey may conflict with another keyboard shortcut on your system. Depending on your screen reader, operating system, and browser, you may need to press Control plus the shortcut key; Alt plus the shortcut key; Apple plus the shortcut key; or a combination of these keys If you continue to experience keyboard shortcut conflicts, you may need to disable screen reader shortcuts or other application shortcuts to use the MLB.TV Media Player keyboard shortcuts.