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Chromecast | Get Started

Chromecast on MLB App

MLB App now supports the ability to cast highlights and other video on demand content as well as live or archived MLB.TV content to a Chromecast device (not available for Kindle devices).

Cast Requirements: Both your mobile and the Chromecast device MUST be connected to the same Wi-Fi network to utilize this feature. Also, ensure both your mobile and Chromecast device have the latest software:

For Apple Devices, you must have a minimum of iOS 14.0 or greater and the latest app version.

For Android Devices, you must have a minimum of Android OS 5.0 or greater, the most recent Google Play Services and the latest app version.

If you are experiencing difficulty with Chromecast setup or connectivity, please navigate to for support information or contact Google directly.

While MLB App and Google Play Services will be updated automatically for most devices, you may need to manually apply the updates from the Play Store [My Apps] section. If your Chromecast has not updated to the latest firmware, please leave your Chromecast powered on overnight. The firmware build will be pushed and the device will reboot itself when it has the new firmware.